Shoe Care

Shoe Care

Just like your skin, ECCO shoes also need proper nourishment and care, to maintain their long-lasting texture and suppleness.  When properly cared for, your shoes will get better with age...

ECCO has exclusively developed and formulated shoe-care products with 3 easy steps:

1. Clean

2. Care

3. Protect


shoe care products

Step 1: Clean

Just like a shower to clean your skin, our water-based CLEAN products effectively remove any built up dirt and instantly revive leathers while enhancing products’ freshness.

Step 2: Care

Our CARE products work like ”lotion” to soften, moisturise and improve your skin’s elasticity. They are formulated to shine, retain suppleness and prevent leathers from cracking or drying out.

Step 3: Protect

You need to protect your precious skin against harsh weather conditions, so does leather. Our PROTECT products work as a protective coating to keep rain and stains away.

ECCO Shoe Care Facts:

ECCO Shoe Care is a tailor-made collection especially developed for, and laboratory tested on, ECCO leather products.

ECCO Shoe Care is environmentally friendly.  Spray cans are non-aerosol, pump-action sprays.

ECCO Shoe Care is made of skin-friendly, natural ingredients.

ECCO Shoe Care is developed on a similar technology to skin care products.

ECCO Shoe Care can be applied to Gore-Tex footwear without harming the breathability of the shoes or boots.

shoe care

shoecare products